Palo Alto Networks – The next Generation in Organizational Data Security

Palo Alto Networks', Represented by Innocom in Israel, Provides a new generation of Firewall solution.
Allow your organization to enjoy maximum data security while maintaining modern work capabilities and high performance levels

Modern organizations must allow their employees access to social media applications – Marketing needs to use Facebook, HR needs LinkedIn and other departments required additional applications. However, the range of modern threats distributed through social media applications poses a real risk to any organization. In addition, many organizations are bound by regulatory requirements such as PCI, HIPPA and others. All these require the organization to reevaluate its security solutions.

The new generation Firewall/IPS (NGFW) solutions provided by Palo Alto Networks – an American company founded by Israeli entrepreneur Nir Zuk, allows unprecedented visibility and full control over authorizations for applications and content by user rather than by IP address, up to 10 Gbps without compromising performance levels.

Palo Alto's Firewalls are based on an App-ID™ technology which can accurately identify and control applications, without considering ports, protocols, evasion tactics or SSL encoding, and to scan content with the aim of stopping threats and preventing data leakage. For the first time ever, organizations can use Web 2.0 applications and still maintain full control while substantially reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) by merging hardware.

Traditional firewalls rely on ports and protocols to classify traffic, enabling hackers to easily bypass them. Changing ports, use of SSL, entry via port 443/80 or use of non-standard ports makes it increasingly difficult to identify the application. The result of the non-transparency of applications prevalent on the net and the need to control them may expose organizations to shutdowns, violation of regulatory laws or data leakage

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Palo Alto Networks' Firewall provides IT managers with application identification capabilities, user identification (by name), protection from threats and prevention of data leakage while ensuring especially high performance levels.

One of the main components of this solution is the ability to analyze all the information in one review while using high parallel processing capabilities. During a single data passage the application is identified, the policy is checked, protection is provided from threats and data leakage is prevented. This unique architecture ensures quick retrieval time and highly effective performance.

The system is able to work at a 10 Gbps pace, while simultaneously operating FW/IPS/Anti Virus/URL and others.

Palo Alto Networks, Inc. provides enterprise security platform to enterprises, service providers, and government entities worldwide
Palo Alto Networks, Inc. primarily sells its products and services through its channel partners, as well as directly to end-customers operating in various industries comprising education, energy, financial services, government entities, healthcare, Internet and media, manufacturing, public sector, and telecommunications. The company was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

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