Good – Preventing Organizational Data Leakage through Mobile Devices

Innocom, Good solutions distributor in Israel believe that the Achilles' heel of secure organizations is mobile devices smartphones and tablets. The solution offered by Good Technology combines the highest level of data security with full control (MDM) for mobile devices to allow end users to connect with organizational systems outside the office

• You have invested in securing your organization's network and end units and have implemented the most advanced products, but now that your employees work also from home and from the road with new smartphones and tablets – Who will protect your data?
• What will you do if a mobile device is lost or stolen? How will you allow your employees to access sensitive organizational applications?
• How will you distinguish between business and private data and prevent uploading of business data to employees' home computers?

The solution offered by US based Good Technology Co ("Good") provides smart data security for smartphones and tablets operating on Android, iOS and other platforms, by ensuring total separation between business and personal data, a secured third party applications development platform and the ability to secure the data on the device itself and while it is being sent from the device to the server and vice versa while implementing the strictest methods available.

Most security solutions existing in the mobile market today are unable to distinguish between private and business content within the device and so sensitive data may leak and be copied into social networks or be accidentally or maliciously sent by email.
Good's solution prevents this risk by creating two separate zones within the device – a private one and a business one, totally separated from one another, thus enabling the organization to remotely delete all business data in case of theft or loss.

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The IT department is able to control organizational applications used by employees, and their authorizations levels within the business zone of their mobile devices, without intervening or supporting their private zones.

The main advantage of Good's solution is its ability to allow the organization or the employee to select the type of device he wishes to use (such as iPhone or an Android based device), while ensuring an especially high security level. Using Good's solution, the high security level which until now was only available to Blackberry users, can now be supported for many types of smartphones. Thus, Good's solution supports the popular BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, allowing employees to use their favorite device without compromising organizational IT data security policies. 

Good's secure browser uses AES standard encoding, allowing safe transfer of sensitive information to any Android device – cellular or tablet. Thus, the employee can open an email from work containing a link to the organization's internal network, and to securely view or download required content. The total separation provided by Good between business and personal data on the device, and the encoding not only at the end device but also from the servers and back, contribute to preventing leakage of sensitive information.


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