Mojo, Distributed  by Innocom in Israel, offers a security solution for Wi-Fi security demands. Mojo sensors can be integrated into on any existing Wi-Fi network to protect it from unauthorized entry of hostile sources and unauthorized users.

Nowadays Wireless Lan (Wi-Fi) attacks are considered to be the most dangerous and critical of all, posing an immediate threat to any organization. The situation has been further aggravated with the growing prevalence of smart phones and tablets connected to the organization via wireless networks only. Organizations which do not have wireless communication are also susceptible to this threat as they do not normally check and monitor that in fact no one is operating wireless communications, whether knowingly or by mistake. 
Mojo Networks' WIPS – Wireless Intrusion Prevention solutions are among the most advanced and most effective solutions available in the industry today for efficient protection from these threats and attacks. 

The system is reinforced by unique WIPS solutions, offering a clear picture of the 24*7 threats to the organizational wireless network. 
One of the most advanced and unique solutions offered by the company, is the ability to automatically and precisely tag any Access Point (AP) in the wireless space. 

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Main Attributes
• Automatic identification and blocking of all Wi-Fi threats while specifying their physical location on the installation's map.
• Advanced mechanisms for automatic identification and labeling of Wi-Fi installations to prevent false alarms.
• Ability to enforce data security policies for smart phones with integrated MDM.
• 24*7 analysis of the spectrum of frequencies to identify threats
• Smart Forensics™ for monitoring and analyzing data security events.
• A central management system presented in a number of formats: Appliance, VM software or public cloud management.
• Support of advanced data security standards: Certified for Common Criteria EAL2+,FIPS 140-2 and U.S. DoD UC APL.
• Integrating Mojo's solution in your organization will ensure that attacks and penetrations via the Wi-Fi arch would be blocked and the network would remain protected.
• The client will receive a precise identification of all authorized AP's within the organization, as well as those external to the organization and attackers which are blocked from accessing the organization.
• Mojo substantially reduces investment of resources by data security managers who no longer need to spend time on manually defining and classifying the various installations, as required with manufacturers of other solutions.
The solution is suitable for organizations where installation of a wireless system is prohibited (such as financial, security and governmental institutions). For these clients the Mojo solution will ensure that no Wi-Fi networks exist within the organization, and if someone attempts to open such as network, the product will block the attempt and immediately report it. 
The solution is also suitable for any client who has a wireless network and wants to protect it – in which case the product would ensure that no one opens an unauthorized wireless network within the organization, or would block any illegal attack attempting to penetrate.

Mojo offers a wide protection while preventing wireless attacks from Rogue APs, Soft APs, Honeypots, Wi-Fi DoS, Ad-hoc networks, Client miss-associations, Mobile hotspots and more. The system manager no longer needs to manually define "signatures" and various threats as required by other manufactures

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