Precise biometric Smart Card Readers for Convenient & Secure Access

Precise , represented in Israel by InnoCom ,offers Fingerprint Technology and Smart Card Readers for convenient and secure authentication of digital identity, enabling access to systems, information and resources.

Precise offers Convenient and secure identity authentication for everyone, everywhere.
Precise provide mobile authentication of digital identity using fingerprint technology and smart card solutions.

It operates in three business areas:
1.Mobile Smart Card Solutions, which offers the product portfolio Tactivo - a range of smart cards and fingerprint readers for smartphones and tablets, and software for the development of applications for Tactivo;
2.Fingerprint Technology, which offers core technology in the form of algorithms for matching of fingerprint recognition and software for integration in third-part hardware, such as mobile phones;
3. Desktop & Physical Access Solutions, which includes Precise Biometrics’ fingerprint and smart card readers and development software for authentication at desktop computers, as well as physical access through fingerprint recognition to buildings

Benefits :
It can be used with a wide range of applications that enables many different use cases. The company strong partner network, which includes some of the leading mobility vendors, offers solutions that easily can be integrated into any smart card infrastructure

Precise Biometrics AB is a Sweden-based company engaged in the development of software and hardware for fingerprint recognition and smart cards.

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