Smart browser - an advanced solution for secure internet use

Smart Browser, Distributed by Innocom.The Smart browser is an efficient and cost-effective tool for protecting the network from attacks, while providing specific solutions for the secure surfing world, improving user experience and increasing security levels, management aspects and server performance.

Many threats originate nowadays from web browsers, which have become the most common sources of entry of malicious code and data leakage from organizational computers.
Standard solutions such as Anti-Virus software, Reverse Web Proxy and Firewalls do not comprehensively address the regulation and security demands of insurance companies and banks.

In order to protect browsers and prevent penetrations through them into the organization's serves, large corporations are forced to completely separate between servers and the internet, making daily work very cumbersome and inconvenient – with two separate work stations. Alongside this method's effectiveness in overcoming the threat, it encompasses many painful disadvantages, including high costs, high maintenance, the need for double support systems and even reduced employee productivity.
Smart browser's solution allows connecting users to the internet via an isolated environment of terminal servers and/or virtual work stations, thereby completely preventing external code from running on users' browsers and completely isolating work station from the internet while viewing "screen shots" only.

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Smart Browser allows:
• Automatically identifying links
• Anonymous users
• Filtering of URL's
• Blocking of flash upon demand
• Very quick launching of browsers
• Automatic password management
• Management of file downloads/uploads
• Clientless
• Interface for all file filtering solutions
• Interface for all web filtering solutions
• Using the Smart Browser solution, large corporations are able to allow their employees more freedom while reducing the risk.
The application allows full connectivity for safe surfing of the internet, but can be further expanded to email and other applications using VDI connectivity.
Smart Browser is compatible with data security standards as well as with regulation 252 (insurance sector) and regulation 752 (financial sector).

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