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Rubrik is the market leader in Cloud Data Management, the world's first platform to orchestrate data for hybrid cloud enterprises anytime, anywhere. Rubrik blend future-proof architecture with consumer-grade simplicity to pioneer a fresh approach to an old problem.

 Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management platform democratizes public cloud for all enterprises by delivering a modern solution to recover, manage, and secure all data, regardless of location. The power within an enterprise to scale organically and respond to shifting business needs depends on instantaneous access, efficient data delivery, and intelligent data management across the entire organization. Rubrik eliminates the barriers to data mobility, providing mission critical functions needed to drive business agility, cost effectiveness, and performance as enterprises shift workloads to the cloud. Rubrik Cloud Data Management is a single, software fabric that manages all data in the cloud, at the edge, or on-premises for many use cases including backup, disaster recovery, archival, compliance, analytics, and copy data management.


The Rubrik Cloud Data Management platform incorporates the following design principles:

1. Software-Defined: We distill physically disparate hardware and software components underlying the multi-tiered, legacy backup and recovery architecture into one software. We embed rich data services into this software fabric such that captured data can be repackaged for other purposes.

2. Simplicity: We solve for ease of use and bring consumer-grade usability to enterprise software. For example, we design our user interface to display only information that requires user attention, reducing cognitive overload.

3. Efficiency: We build intelligence into our software to help users efficiently manage data without incurring unnecessary costs (e.g., zero-byte cloning to save on storage capacity, sending deduplicated data to the public cloud to reduce data transfer and storage) and labor (e.g., file search across a global index that spans public and private clouds).

4. Web-Scale Architecture: We adopt the same web-scale technologies used by Google, Facebook, and Amazon, allowing our users to easily handle rapidly increasing volumes of information with a linear architecture. Users avoid painful forklift upgrades and continue to easily manage Rubrik as a single system.

5. Cloud-Based Infrastructure: We purpose-built our system for cloud integration and infinite scale to enable hybrid cloud for all enterprises. Extend search, disaster recovery, and archival into the cloud. Protect cloud-native applications by deploying Rubrik as a software instance in a public cloud provider.

6. Ecosystem Support: We have designed our data platform to be vendor-agnostic and to work across modern data center applications and technologies. This includes ability to support a variety of platforms and data sources, such as virtualization, containers, and physical applications. Our software fabric is location-agnostic and can be extended from on-premises to public clouds.

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