InnoCom , subsidiary company of Aman Group

A Value Added Distributor, the Israeli representative of leading IT companies and a promoter of innovative technologies for the Israeli IT market, focusing on advanced solutions for the communications and information security fields. Since its establishment, InnoCom has partnered with leading providers and local partners in many successful implementations of new IT technologies.

InnoCom , enables the early availability of leading IT technologies to Israeli companies. Leveraging flexible models of operation, InnoCom works with leading vendors and leading local partners to ensure availability and successful implementation of new technologies. The result is maximized business advantage to our customers, and enhanced business results for our partners.

In today's tough business environment, companies must constantly search for innovative ways to stay ahead. Technological innovation has always been at the forefront of successful businesses, often providing the competitive advantage at the most critical time. As part of this, Information Technology has become a critical component of the modern business. Many IT systems are defined as mission critical - any drop in service or failure has a direct financial impact on the business.

Israel is the home of a surprisingly large number of world-leading companies. These companies are at a disadvantage to their competitors as exposure to new technologies typically happens months if not years after their counterparts. IT vendors with leading technology naturally focus on local and larger markets first, and only later look towards the Middle East and Africa. Part of the Innovation World group of companies, and founded by seasoned IT professionals, InnoCom is well positioned to ensure leading customers in the Israeli market have access to best-of-breed solutions from the leading vendors in the world.

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