End users

Our long time customers trust us to recommend and bring the best and most innovative technologies to the Israeli market. While we do not sell directly to end users, we provide the end user community with a number of value-added services:

Value-Added Services

Expert advice and consultation – Innocom identifies solutions while addressing real market needs and providing end customers with returns on investments, increased efficiency and lower cost.

Demo Labs are specifically developed for the technologies we distribute to ensure that end users are able to see the technologies at work in a live environment. Our demo labs have become hugely successful, providing end users with live demonstrations, practical advice and product information.

Training is a key part of our approach to introducing new technologies to the market, as many of our customers require in-depth training to equip them with the skill sets to sell and support these new technologies. As one of the longest established ATC's (Authorized Learning Centers) for Palo Alto Networks, Innocom is uniquely positioned to provide an unmatched resource for those wishing to optimize their return from their chosen technologies.

Timely and informative topical events including technology seminars, conferences and user forums. Follow us on twitter, facebook and join our LinkedIn groups to receive regular updates on whatever is going on.

Recommended value-added resellers – Over the years, Innocom has developed strong relationships with tier-one resellers operating in the Israeli marketplace. Our esteemed group of resellers work to educate, support and serve as trusted partners in helping end-users acquire and develop solutions to suit their IT requirements, business needs and ultimately to optimize their organizations.

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