As a leading distributor in Israel, Innocom is committed to providing our reseller partners a wide range of services, from technical support and training to extensive sales support, all benefitting from our extensive expertise in all areas of marketing. We understand that requirements will differ depending on specific resource availability and knowledge of a product and therefore we are completely committed to providing our reseller partners with the following tailored services:

A highly dedicated Sales Team
At Innocom, we are committed to accompanying and assisting our partners in their sales process. Our highly dedicated sales team understands the critical importance of supporting our partners in every step of the sales cycle, in the following main areas:
  •  Correctly presenting the business case for the technology
  •  Regular product briefings on messaging, positioning and product roadmaps
  •  Sales training on all products we supply
  • Consultation and support on quote preparation, proposals and tenders
  • Licensing issues and discounting queries
  • Customer visits and joint end user presentations
  •  Product demonstrations and evaluations
  • Effective tools for effective sales
  • Generate and provide leads
  • Efficient order processing and full logistic support

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A highly dedicated Technical Team
At Innocom, we pride ourselves on our top-tier technical level of expertise on all of the products we distribute. Our consultants, engineers and trainers constantly remain highly skilled on all our products by working with and supporting the technology on a daily basis. We provide:
  •  Fully certified engineers and instructors with proven track records in training and project consultancy
  •  Product Briefing and demos for pre-sales engineers and sales people
  • On-site installation of demo product
  •  Authorized, tailor-made technical training for engineers
  •  Technical presentations and demos (if appropriate) at customer events
  •  Pre-sales assistance at customer meetings
  • Free on-site technical assistance for first PoC installation

A highly dedicated Marketing Team
Innocom's dedicated marketing team will work closely with you to plan and devise the best strategy for your company’s marketing efforts and will assist you with the following needs:
  • Direct Marketing campaigns and turnkey solutions in the form of customized templates tailored to our partner’s unique and specific requirements
  • End user market creation and demand generation that will ensure a steady stream of leads and ultimately new business
  • Telemarketing follow-up to DM and online campaign
  • PR resources and proactive press coverage of customer wins and case studies
  •  Support of planning and execution of all aspects of seminars, briefings and workshops
  • Vendor collateral in the form of brochures, solution guides and white papers

Become an Innocom Reseller
Your organization can benefit from a huge opportunity to increase sales and profit by becoming an Innocom Reseller.

At Innocom we pride ourselves on our proven success in fostering stronger, more dynamic and mutually beneficial relationships between our team and our reseller partners, with whom we are dedicated to working closely on a daily basis.

Some of the key benefits of becoming an Innocom value added reseller:
  • Work with a Distributor that has been a leader in the Israeli market since 1995
  •  Benefit from a strict trade-only but highly supportive distribution model
  • Gain the highest level of technical expertise available in Israel
  •  Benefit from the advantages of a dedicated Product Manager
  •  Leverage dynamic Marketing Activities to help grow your business

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